Obtaining diagnosis code output:
Make sure the battery voltage is above 11 volts, the throttle is fully closed, and the transmission is in neutral, the accesory switches are off, and the engine is at normal operating temperature.

Turn the ingnition switch off, and do not start the engine.  This must be off always when connecting or disconnecting power to the ECM

On 1990 and earlier model sidekicks and trackers, and all samuri models, insert the spare fuse into the diagnostic block on the fuse block.  On 1991-1996 (and later?) sidekick/tracker models insert a jumper wire between the number two and three terminals of the Check connector adjacent to the battery (see illustration).

Turn the ignition key on, and read the diagnostic code (the Check Engine light will blink), and referr to the chart shown below.
Normal system operation is code twelve, (1 flash, pause two flashes)., and will blink one time only.

If there are multiple codes, there will be a longer pause between each code so you do not confuse it with the long pause between the first and second digit of the error codes.

To cancel stored trouble codes, remove the negative lead from the battery.  This should erase any codes until the light comes on again, which stores codes again.

T-CODE  CIRCUIT  PROBABLE CAUSE  & SOLUTION                                      
Code 12 
1 flash, pause, 2 fashes
Code 13 
1 flash, pause, 3 flashes
Oxygen sensor circuit (open circuit) Check the wiring and connectors from the O2 sensor. Replace Sensor
Code 14 
1 flash, pause, 4 flashes
Coolant sensor circuit 
(low temp)
Check all waring and connectors associated with the sensor, replace 
if needed
Code 15 Coolant sensor 
(high temp)
If the engine is expriencing over-heating problems, they must be fixed 
before continuing!  Then check the wiring to the ECM
Code 21 
2 flashes, pause, 1 flash
Throttle position sensor Check the TPS adjustment and connection.  Chech the ECM connection at the TPS
Code 22 TPS Same as above
Code 23 Intake air temp Check the IAT sensor, wiring and connectors for an open circuit, 
replace if needed
Code 24 Vehivle Speed Sensor SSP - A fault in this circuit should only be indicated when the 
vehicle is in motion.  Check and repair the Speedo if it is functioning
Code 25 IAT Same as code 23
Code 31 MAP sensor (TBI models) Check the circuit for a bare wire (stripped insulation), or damaged 
electrical circuit.  Check the vacuum hose connection.  Replace 
if needed
Code 32 MAP (TBI) Same as above
Code 33 Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor. (MPFI only) Check the MAF sensor, and wire connections. Replace if needed
Code 34 MAF, MPFI Same as above
Code 41 Ignition signal Inspect and repair any wiring to the ignition harness
Code 42 Crank angle sensor (pick-up assembly) Check for faulty connector to circuit, Check for improper gap in the 
distributor, Replace (pick-up assy.) if needed
Code 44 TPS - idle switch circuit Same as code 21,22
Code 45  TPS - idle switch circuit Same as above
Code 51 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system Check for faulty connection, also check for high resistance in the EGR solenoid coil
Code 53 Ground Fault Poor ground conection at the ECM or engine block, can also be 
a faulty ECM