1. Case Bolt 16. Shaft Ball 31. Input Gear Circlip
2. Speedometer Driven Gear Case 17. Shaft #1 Bearing 32. Input Gear Oil Seal
3. Driven Gear Pin 18. Front Drive Clutch Hub 33. Shaft O-Ring
4. Speedometer Driven Gear 19. Front Drive Clutch Sleeve 34. Plate Bolt
5. Center & Rear Case Seal 20. Drive Sprocket 35. Shaft Plate
6. Center & Rear Case Needle Bearing 21. Drive Chain (Belt) 36. Shaft Washer
7. Gear Circlip 22. Sprocket Needle Bearing 37. Shaft Washer Ball
8. Speedometer Drive Gear 23. Low Gear Needle Bearing 38. Counter Shaft
9. Case O-Ring 24. Reduction Shift Sleeve 39. Shaft Needle Bearing
10. Bearing Circlip 25. Reduction Clutch Hub 40. Shaft Spacer
11. Shaft #2 Bearing 26. Hub Circlip 41. Counter Gear
12. Case Oil Seal 27. Input Gear Bearing 42. Shaft Bearing
13. Sprocket Bushing 28. Input Gear 43. Output Front Shaft
14. Output Low Gear 29. Bearing Circlip
15.Output Rear Shaft 30. Input Gear Bearing

As with a manual transmission, there are may small parts to replace.  Although the transfercase is not as
in depth as the Manual Transmission.  Finding a rebuilt or known working used unit is the way to go.

Before taking it all apart, it will help of you have an exact idea what the problem is.  This will better pinpoint the trouble
area inside the transfercase, as malfunctionig items can be closely tied to specific areas in the transfercase.  This willmake removal and replacement of that specific part(s) easier.

Tracker/Sidekick transfercases are smaller than a Samuri, and has a drive BELT instead of a chain.  These xfer cases may also not have the same parts as the samuri, as they are much smaller than the samuri counterpart.